DOTA2 Model Redesign

You have made your voice heard, and Valve quickly got to work redesigning the heroes that needed improvements. Here are some screenshots posted here showing the new looks (click on the screenshots for the full size versions):

[UPDATE]: All the new hero models have been added!

dota2 witch_doctor

dota2 tiny

dota2 tinker

dota2 tidehunter

dota2 sven

dota2 spectre

dota2 sniper

dota2 razor

dota2 pugna

dota2 puck

dota2 necrolyte

dota2 furion

dota2 lina

dota2 leshrac

dota2 enigma

dota2 dazzle

dota2 dark_seer

dota2 clockwerk

dota2 chen

dota2 ancient_apparition

dota2 shadow_shaman

dota2 vengeful_spirit

dota2 venomancer

dota2 lion

Shadow Fiend looks more intimidating with the wing frames and darkened eyes:

dota2 shadow fiend

Axe gets introduced to the game:

Beastmaster has more details on him:
dota2 beastmaster

Drow Ranger’s curves are emphasized:
dota2 drow ranger

Earthshaker with more details on him:
dota2 earthshaker

Earthshaker’s ulti looks way more devastating now:
dota2 earthshaker ulty

Morphling with a new model:
dota2 morphling

Mirana (tiger) slightly different than her previous model:
dota2 mirana

Anti-Mage with new blades and face:
dota2 antimage

Crystal Maiden with added colors:
dota2 crystal maiden

Doom with new horns and armor:
dota2 doom bringer

Void with elbow bands:
dota2 faceless void

Balanar with new pants?:
dota2 night stalker

Pudge with new hair and chains behind him:
dota2 pudge

Sand King with new details:
dota2 sand king

Slardar with more details on him:
dota2 slardar

Viper with new wings:
dota2 viper

Windrunner with a new bow:
dota2 windrunner

Zeus with new clothes:
dota2 zeus

Weaver looks sturdier:
dota2 weaver

Storm Spirit’s model appears to be a little bit bigger:
dota2 storm spirit

Lina with new clothes (and a sexier face):
dota2 lina

On a side note, we also see the inclusion of the shopkeeper from the trailer in the fountain. Take a look:

dota2 shopkeeper

So, what do you think now? Are you satisfied with the new looks or did you wait even greater changes? Like total remodeling for some heroes? Well either way, VALVe seems to take the community seriously even from the early beginning and I believe this is a very important thing to note here. The game is not even out yet and VALVe is remodeling all of their models based on our feedback! This is impressive!