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Dota2 Heroes

Dota2 Heroes See the Hero List of DOTA2! [last updated on 15/02/2013] Check out the DOTA 2 Heroes that have been introduced up to now! Whom would you want to see next? Who is your favorite and who is the one…

DOTA2 Model Redesign

One more time, VALVe shows what a great company they are; the community’s voice has been heard. [UPDATED] September 10, 2011 You have made your voice heard, and Valve quickly got to work redesigning the heroes that needed improvements. Here are…

DOTA2 Leaked Screenshots [updated]

DOTA2 leaked in-game screenshots! Check them out! August 14, 2011 Welcome everyone, what we have been waiting for months is here, in-game screenshots of DOTA2: [source] [UPDATED]: So, as it seems these screenshots might even be 4 months old. This just…

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