Dota2 Heroes

Dota2 Heroes

Check out the DOTA 2 Heroes that have been introduced up to now! Whom would you want to see next? Who is your favorite and who is the one you’d like to see remade?

Rest assured though, Valve has stated that DOTA2 will have all DotA heroes on release.

DOTA2 Heroes

The Radiant
The Dire

Earthshakerdota2 earthshaker
Svendota2 sven
Beastmasterdota2 beastmaster
Clockwerkdota2 clockwerk
Tinydota2 tiny
Dragon Knightdota2 dragon knight
Kunkkadota2 kunkka
Huskardota2 huskar
Omniknightdota2 omniknight
Alchemistdota2 alchemist
Brewmasterdota2 brewmaster
Treant Protectordota2 treant protector
Wispdota2 wisp
Centaur Warrunnerdota2 centaur warrunner
Timbersawdota2 timbersaw
Tuskdota2 tusk

Axedota2 axe
Pudgedota2 pudge
Slardardota2 slardar
Doom Bringerdota2 doom bringer
Night Stalkerdota2 night stalker
Sand Kingdota2 sand king
Tidehunterdota2 tidehunter
Skeleton Kingdota2 skeleton king
Lifestealerdota2 lifestealer
Spirit Breakerdota2 spirit breaker
Lycanthropedota2 lycanthrope
Chaos Knightdota2 chaos knight
Undyingdota2 undying
Magnusdota2 magnus

Drow Rangerdota2 drow ranger
Vengeful Spiritdota2 vengeful spirit
Antimagedota2 antimage
Morphlingdota2 morphling
Miranadota2 mirana
Sniperdota2 sniper
Rikidota2 riki
Juggernautdota2 juggernaut
Ursadota2 ursa
Bounty Hunterdota2 bounty hunter
Lone Druiddota2 lone druid
Phantom Lancerdota2 phantom lancer
Gyrocopterdota2 gyrocopter
Lunadota2 luna
Templar Assassindota2 templar assassin
Naga Sirendota2 naga siren
Troll Warlorddota2 troll warlord

Spectredota2 spectre
Faceless Voiddota2 faceless void
Shadow Fienddota2 shadow fiend
Razordota2 razor
Weaverdota2 weaver
Venomancerdota2 venomancer
Viperdota2 viper
Bloodseekerdota2 bloodseeker
Broodmotherdota2 broodmother
Clinkzdota2 clinkz
Phantom Assasindota2 phantom assasin
Nyx Assassindota2 nyx assassin
Meepodota2 meepo
Slarkdota2 slark
Medusadota2 medusa

Puckdota2 puck
Storm Spiritdota2 storm spirit
Chendota2 chen
Windrunnerdota2 windrunner
Zeusdota2 zeus
Linadota2 lina
Shadow Shamandota2 shadow shaman
Tinkerdota2 tinker
Nature’s Prophetdota2 nature's prophet
Crystal Maidendota2 crystal maiden
Enchantressdota2 enchantress
Jakirodota2 jakiro
Silencerdota2 silencer
Ogre Magidota2 ogre magi
Rubickdota2 rubick
Disruptordota2 disruptor
Keeper of the Lightdota2 keeper of the light

Enigmadota2 enigma
Dazzledota2 dazzle
Lichdota2 lich
Leshracdota2 leshrac
Pugnadota2 pugna
Necrolytedota2 necrolyte
Witch Doctordota2 witch doctor
Ancient Apparitiondota2 ancient apparition
Dark Seerdota2 dark seer
Liondota2 lion
Queen of Paindota2 queen of pain
Batriderdota2 batrider
Warlockdota2 warlock
Death Prophetdota2 death prophet
Invokerdota2 invoker
Outworld Destroyerdota2 outworld destroyer
Banedota2 bane
Shadow Demondota2 shadow demon
Visagedota2 visage